40+ Pingu Noot Noot Sounds, Now in Your Phone.

The perfect soundboard for Pingu lovers.
Noot-noot your friends and family!
Enjoy 40+ Pingu sound effects, including exclusive sounds from Pingu, Pinga, Mama, Papa and Robby the seal!

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Try Pingu Soundboard, it will not leave anything but smiles on your face.

The app is free with no hidden costs, no ads, and no bloatware! This is the only app where you will find all these exciting features.

Know your Pingu -Freshest Pingu gossip, at Noot Noot.

Be it Pingu memes, funny Pingu characters, Pingu noot nooting about his family or just Pingu in the city with his brother Pinga and penguin friends like Pingi or even Robby the seal, you'll hear it here first.

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Pingu Story

Everything you need to know about Pingu

The Origin of Pingu Noot Noot meme starts here. Learn about how Pingu became a sensation, the language he speaks and other juicy details.

pingu pushing pinga

Pingu & Pinga Story

Pinga - The Hidden Artist in Pingu's World

Discover the coveted, innocent, much-talented Pingu family's member - Pinga. Learn about the origami prodigy who awed Pingu, and is not afraid to do it again for you.

pingu pushing pinga

Pingu Family Story

Pingu family - The funny penguins with an exemplar family

Meet Pingu and his family - the beloved penguins who've been waddling around for decades, bringing joy and laughter to audiences young and old with their endearing personalities and hilarious antics.


Grรขce ร  cette application je peut communiquer avec mon chef Pingu.

Translated from French

Thanks to this app I can talk to Pingu, my chief.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

On which devices can Pingu Soundboard be installed?
You can install Pingu Soundboard on your iPad and iPhone from the Apple App Store, or on any Android device from the Google Play Store.
Is it just Pingu, or will I get to hear the whole Pingu family?
Surprise! Surprise! You'll not just meet Pingu, but the whole family - Pinga, Mama, Papa, and Robby the seal.
How many Pingu sounds do we get in the Pingu Soundboard app?
You get 15+ sounds on the free version, and you can unlock Pingu Pro to get all 40+ Pingu sounds.
How old do I need to be to use Pingu Soundboard?
You can be of any age! Whether you are 5, 15 or 50, Pingu gets love from all ages.
Does Pingu Soundboard contain ads?
Not at all! Pingu lovers deserve uninterrupted noot-nooting, and we promise to keep it ad-free forever.
How many times can I play a certain sound? Is there a limit?
You can play as much as you want; anywhere, anytime. Just keep tapping - there is no limit.
How can I easily access my beloved Pingu sounds?
Yes, when you get the Pingu Pro, you can star your favourite Pingu sounds. They'll rise up to the top, making it easy for you to play them!
Is getting Pingu Pro a subscription, or a one-time purchase?
Once you buy Pingu Pro, it's all yours to keep, for lifetime.
Do you collect any data from Pingu Pro?
We do not collect any data from our side, because we respect your privacy, just like Pingu.

Download Pingu Soundboard and get some Giggles!

It only takes few seconds to install Pingu Soundboard. It's just ~10 MB. We bet it will make your day joyful and leave a smile on your face :)